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Use Your Breath To Actualize Yourself


with clarissa

From feeling stuck to feeling in the flow - have an extraordinary breakthrough while experiencing tremendous bliss and peace!

Listen to Breathwork SampleClarissa Hoffmann

“Honestly, it was one of the most magical and moving hours of my life.”  

Carl Shephard, CEO of Insider Expeditions

"I was blown away by how rejuvenating the experience was. I felt more productive and focused for the remainder of the day than I had in a long while. ”  Google Manager

“In just one session I was able to move through a lot that needed to be healed. Very powerful, very transformative.”

Natalie Roy, Actress playing "2020" in the commercial that went viral

“I feel strong. Powerful. Self-love.” 

Wilberg Hickey, Personal trainer and Founder of vilifit

“It was - to say the least - an ecstatic experience.”  

Sebastian Gerold, Artistic Director of Zerboni

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Clients include

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Breathwork is a powerful technique for extraordinary transformation, healing and self-actualization. It is one of the most fundamental things we can do as human beings to heal and actualize ourselves and in turn collectively transform into the best version of humanity to create a more harmonious and sustainable future.


Breathwork itself is an active guided meditation that allows you to clear, balance and energize your body and mind in a very powerful, transformational way. It combines a circular connected breath technique with a curated music playlist to create an incredible experience that allows you to tap into your own healing and manifesting potential.


It is a simple, safe and extremely effective process for releasing beliefs, patterns, stuck emotions and (hidden) energetic blocks that no longer serve you, connecting you with your deeper truth, raising your vibration and empowering you to create your dream life with greater ease, joy and success. 


How it works
Consciously active breathing using a circular connected breath technique activates the parasympathetic nervous system putting your body in a relaxed state while gently activating the life force energy inside of you.

According to the scientific principle of Entrainment, low frequency energy patterns are raised and transformed in the presence of the higher frequency energy state. This allows energetic blockages to clear, stuck emotions - "old baggage"- to be released and limiting beliefs to be dissolved. Think of it as a holistic purification of your body and mind that allows an increase of your inner energetic vibration. 


Words of affirmation and powerful, personalised visualisations may allow you to experience visions of the future, receive amazing downloads and extraordinary revelations. 

How it feels
Every time you practice breathwork you will have a unique experience. You may feel tingly sensations of energy vibrating through your body, moving the stuck energy out of your system, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter, clearer, more energized, more self-aware, deeply relaxed, and connected to yourself. 


Many people report having profound experiences. Your experience will be unique to you and your path. Breathwork is different for everyone and different every time you do it. 


"My whole body was vibrating like I was taking off. The feeling and the energy I experienced were incredible! It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt that strong and connected with myself."

Soraya Amori

"It was unreal. I couldn't believe how ridiculously, unexplainably, deliriously happy I was. So much lighter. So much less worry hanging over me. My brain was laughter, sunshine, and the words THANK YOU."

Samantha Jo

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"My entire body felt elevated and connected and I had powerful visions of clarity on what I wanted to focus on this year. What I needed to let go of. And where I wanted to end up in the future. Honestly, it was one of the most magical and moving hours of my life."

Carl Shephard, CEO of Insider Expeditions

It was incredible to work with Clarissa. I have a lot of experience in the healing arts and in breathign techniques. Very powerful, very transformative.


In just one session I was able to move through a lot that needed to be healer. I felt tremendous joy in doing the session as well as afterwards.


I couldn't recomend this highly enough, if you have any kind of anxiety, if you have any kind of discomfort getting into your body, or if you have any difficulties with intimacy or relationships in your life, I know that this work will be very transformational for you."

Natalie Roy, Coach and Actress

A Breakthrough Breathwork session helps you to:



✅ Release stuck energy and physical tension in your body

✅ Increase your energy levels

✅ Clear lethargy / fatigue

✅ Detox your body

✅ Balance your nervous system

✅ Overcome addictions

✅ Strengthen your immune system and lungs

✅ Cleanse and purify your bloodstream


✅ Reduce stress and anxiety

✅ Improve your mood

✅ Improve focus, clarity and attention

✅ Release trauma, unprocessed emotions and negative thoughts

✅ Heighten your creativity 

✅ Increase your overall motivation and productivity

✅ Feel inspired and blissful

✅ Feel lighter and less affected by emotions and thoughts


✅ Develop self awareness

✅ Increase your confidence, self-image and self-esteem

✅ Enhance consciousness

✅ Receive divine messages / epiphanies

✅ Increase joy and happiness 

✅ Increase acceptance and love for yourself and others


✅ Increase abundance

✅ Enhance your self-actualization

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All in all, Breathwork is medicine for your body, mind and spirit. It allows you to quiet your mind and central nervous system while at the same time activating the life force energy in your body.


Combine this together and you have a recipe for a powerful breakthrough toward your dream you've never imagined before.

Enjoying the Nature
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