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Sebastian Gerold, Actor & Creative Co-Director of Acting School Zerboni

Jacqueline Savauge, Actress

Natalie Roy, Actress & Coach 

Wiliberg Hickey, Founder of Vilifit 

Baba Ash, Meditation Teacher for Google, Horizon Media, Hearst

Natalia Costa, Project Manager



Janora McDuffie


I completed Clarissa's six session life coaching program and was extremely pleased with my experience.

Clarissa didn't offer a cookie cutter program but instead customized her approach based on my own personal goals and needs.  Between each session she designed specific and powerful tasks that corresponded with reaching our overall six-week goal and vision.

As each week progressed, I began to feel lighter and more clear.  There were also beautiful synchronicities that occurred along the way in the form of people and opportunities that were directly aligned with the goals we set.

Clarissa's disposition and energy was consistent, positive and calming yet she also found a way to challenge my excuses and lovingly tap into parts of my life that needed to be called out. 

Life is an evolving journey but I truly feel better equipped to take it on in a more powerful way because of my time with Clarissa.  I would highly recommend her coaching services for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life with accountability.

Writer & Project Manager

Natália Costa


Clarissa Hoffmann is an impressive woman who inspires just with her presence. Clarissa has coached me, so I had the possibility to experience several powerful techniques and tools that Clarissa applies. The result was a mindset shift leading me into a successful happy life. The sessions with Clarissa are quite powerful, because she embodies her work, so she is able to outline perfectly where you are and to support you in each moment. 


The Superpower Breathwork Sessions are better than good! I was amazed with the results that were so immediate in my first session! During the session the work allowed me to release whatever was stuck and tune into myself again. It was like a journey at the end of which I felt totally energised, creativity was flowing and I really felt like celebrating life in an ecstatic cocktail of sensations! It was a wave of joy and gratitude taking over me. I highly recommend it!


I've done a few times on my own ever since and, even though, it is much better with Clarissa's presence and guidance, the Breathwork really is another one of those powerful tools that a talented Coach like Clarissa teaches you once and you can apply it anywhere anytime to elevate yourself. Priceless!


Clarissa is a powerful woman with a strong life vision, radiating her light in those whose lives she comes across, which makes her the perfect Mindset Coach. I couldn't be more grateful for coming across this force of nature and I recommend her work to anyone who wants to feel empowered and connect with the joy and light of life! 


I can truly say that I WAS SUPERPOWERED BY CLARISSA and my gratitude is beyond words!


Juilliard Pianist & Actress & Producer

Paulina Simkin


There has been a lot of wonderful things happening for me lately in both my personal and professional life that I without a doubt accredit Clarissa Hoffmann with! Having had little time for self-improvement but at the same time lots of areas in my life I wasn't happy with, first and foremost my dating-life, I did a Coaching Series (6 sessions) with her.


Over the course of the 6 sessions together we tackled the core of my problem attracting the right partner into my life and with all her eye-opening tools she made me realize deeper-rooted origins of a lot of other connecting links I wasn't aware of. Suddenly only a few sessions into our collaboration I saw things shifting: people would randomly compliment me on the street, give me things for free at coffee shops and seemingly random serendipities started to occur.


What I then realized was that Clarissa helped me raise my entire vibrational level not only for my dating life but for life in general. She opened me up so much and empowered me to be my true self that I started feeling the wonders of life more than ever. Since then I've attracted the best partners I've ever had in my life, am attracting better projects professionally and am unapologetically falling in love with my true self.

josh pins.jpg


Josh Pins


Clarissa came into my life during a time where I needed major guidance in regards to how I approached my day to day living. With her warmth and openness, Clarissa immediately makes you feel at home and allows you to truly be yourself. There is no judgment whatsoever and you truly can see that she has invested in you and your mission to find happiness. There is a clear level of trust that is always present and this is the key to her coaching.


She is an incredible listener and you always feel heard. I can honestly say that my journey to find day to day happiness has been incredible because of her. I can't recommend Clarissa enough!



Nathalie Bryant


Clarissa was a pleasure to work with! She is very authentic and genuinely wants to help people. She will work hard with you to find a way to achieve your dreams, or even find out what your dreams are, and make more meaning in your life. She gave me great tools that I now use everyday and that make me feel more confident, empowered, and more in line with my life purpose.


I definitely feel like my superpowers are activating… Thanks Clarissa!


Actress & Personal Trainer

Wilberg Hickey


Clarissa turned me into a radiant and vibrant power woman within one session thanks to her precise and powerful questions. In her guided meditation I was able to let go completely and have amazing sensations thanks to her help.


I recommend Clarissa's coaching to every woman who wants to step into her powerful self, as I experienced it myself.


Actress & Singer

Laura Weinbach


Clarissa is extremely charismatic and a true inspiration. Her gregarious can-do attitude is contagious an her energy transformative. In the few days I've spent working with her, I've witnessed first-hand, her ability for manifestation through visualization in action and was genuinely awe-struck. Truly a remarkable woman who will no doubt  leave a positive impact on your life.


Voice Coach & Singer

Radina Veliova


My first coaching session with Clarissa was very clarifying and freeing. Clarissa has a very intuitive way of approaching underlaying blockages and a natural curiosity to explore those with you and help you work through them. She showed me an exercise to get me to the state of mind where I want to be and I believe those things will manifest itself very soon into reality.


Producer & Director

Frank Christian Wagner


Clarissa’s warm and authentic being creates trust from the start. Surprisingly fast she leads you to a point which shows you that the answer to your question lies within yourself.


I can recommend everyone to be shown the path to your inner superpowers. 



Soraya Amori


Before our Breathwork session I was really skeptical about what it is I will be doing  and if it will work over skype. I just expected to do controlled breathing.

When the session started, Clarissa explained everything very clearly to me, the breathing and the process and I got pretty excited about it.

I don’t know exactly how to put my experience into words. I can only say that I’ve never felt something like that! My whole body was vibrating, my heart started beating faster, and it was such a beautiful feeling. Like I was taking off and floating next to my body. The feeling and the energy I experienced were incredible! It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt that strong and connected with myself. 

I can recommend EVERYONE to try breathwork for themselves. 


Entrepreneur & Coach

Mallory Meseroll


I never knew breathwork could have such a profound physical and emotional effect on me.


I’m so grateful to have had Clarissa guide me and my husband through the experience with such graceful thoughtfulness. As two busy parents we definitely needed a chance to get grounded, and the breathwork session not only allowed for that, it also inspired a great conversation afterwards about what we needed to achieve ongoing patience and energy going forward.


I’ve since been feeling a sense of infinite time that I’ve been desperately seeking for ages.


We can’t recommend Clarissa highly enough for introducing this practice to us in such a safe and effective way!


Storyteller & Healer

Kristin Palombo


I've done several private Breathwork sessions with Clarissa, and she is an extraordinary facilitator.


She creates a safe and nurturing space so I feel free to let go and have a powerful and transformative experience. Her words are inspiring and motivating, and she knows just when to massage my shoulders (where I hold all my stress) in order to help relax me.


I always feel great after a session with her, and will continue to work with her.


Film Director

Widad Shafakoj


I went in feeling anxious as I've never done breathwork meditation before, but left feeling very happy and open, Clarissa is a very positive person and the music and talk she gives during the session is inspirational! Loved it!

Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 11.06.52.png


Shawn Denegre-Vaught


Before taking a breathwork sessions with Clarissa, I would say I had never experienced a sensation like it before, and could never imagine feeling something quite like it.


She easily explains the process, and then we have the guts to dive right in. Afterwards, I felt balanced, aligned, and in control of my life (which is the gift of self-forgetting) and in breathworks, you have to hone in the art of mind-over-body power to keep reaching and pushing so you can end up releasing in the end.


Breathworks is work, nonetheless, the word is in the name! But afterwards, the release is magical and you’ll never feel more peaceful!


Founding Director of Star Walkers Foundation Inc.

Olivia Elliott


My session with Clarissa was magical and very healing.  She takes you on journey through different stages that offer unique pieces to the experience. At one point you release with a scream and at another you are rocked almost asleep by the soft words of poem by her. 

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