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Transformational Breathwork

Use the Power of Your Breath to Transform Yourself and Tap into Your Highest Potential

I help high-performing, creative souls use the power of their breath to release mental and energetic blocks so they can activate their highest potential and access higher states of consciousness, energy and creativity for a life full of ease, joy and success. 

"Expanding. Challenging. Powerful."

Janora McDuffie

breathwork facilitator training

"Whatever you can dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”


Clients Include

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experience the "Wow" effect of Breathwork coaching

Did you know that the power of your breath can help you release energetic and mental blocks so you can tap into your true inner power?

Did you know that the power of your imagination, breath and heart combined can help you achieve your big goal in a much faster, easier and healthier way?

Did you know that there's a powerful universal energy all around you and within you that is co-creating your reality with you?

Let's go on an empowering journey together to realize your dreams in a much  easier, healthier and more fulfilling way!

What People are Saying

It was incredible to work with Clarissa. Very powerful, very transformative. I felt tremendous joy in doing the coaching session as well as afterwards. I couldn't recomend this highly enough, I know that this work will be very transformational for you.

Natalie Roy, Actress ( commercial produced by Ryan Reynolds)

Healing. Transformative. Empowering.

Jodi Lewis, Actress
(SWAT, Criminal Minds)

Expanding. Challenging. Powerful.

Janora McDuffie,  Film Actress


The Power Of Breathwork

Breathwork is a powerful technique for extraordinary transformation, healing, self-actualization and personal growth.


It is one of the most fundamental things we can do as humans to heal, tap into our own power and actualize ourselves and in turn collectively transform into the best version of humanity to create a more harmonious and sustainable future.


Breathwork is an active guided meditation that allows you to clear, balance and energize your body and mind in a very powerful, transformational way so you can become more of who you truly are.


It combines a circular connected breath technique with a curated powerful music playlist to create an incredible experience that allows you to tap into your own healing and manifesting potential.


It is a simple, safe and extremely effective process for releasing beliefs, patterns, stuck emotions and (hidden) energetic blocks that no longer serve you, connecting you with your deeper truth, raising your vibration and empowering you to create your dream life with greater ease, joy and success.

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Listen to Clarissa's Breathwork Clarissa Hoffmann

"The future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies."

Albert Einstein

Your Breathwork Experiences

What People are Saying

"I had been experiencing a lack of focus in my life and career, and I was looking for a tool to help me gain clarity. The breathwork program with Clarissa was just what I was looking for! During the program, I achieved several “aha” moments that helped me get clear on a new direction for my career path. Breathwork helps you move past your blocks so you can tap into what you don’t know that you know! It was really amazing to get so many flashes of inspiration that knitted together to form a new vision for my life. But above all, Clarissa is a kind soul who meets you where you are, with acceptance and understanding. If you are feeling lost or unclear in life, practicing breathwork with Clarissa is a priceless investment in yourself."

Jean E. 


What Other Benefits It Has



⭐️ Release of stuck energy and physical tension

⭐️ Natural energy boost

⭐️ Recalibration of nervous system

⭐️ Stronger immune system and better digestion

⭐️ Deep relaxation

⭐️ Aleviate insomnia and deeper sleep

⭐️ More overall energy and better health


⭐️ Huge stress and anxiety relief

⭐️ Greater clarity of mind and sharper focus

⭐️ Release of old patterns and behaviors

⭐️ Heightened creativity 

⭐️ Higher degree of productivity

⭐️ Greater emotional balance


⭐️ Increase of mental performance


⭐️ Vibrational alignment with your dreams

⭐️ Tapping into higher states of consciousness and self-awareness

⭐️ Feeling empowered and in the flow


⭐️ Enhanced intuition

⭐️ Greater enthusiasm for life


⭐️ Feeling inspired and blissful

⭐️ Deeper sense of purpose and fuller self-expression