Breathwork Coaching for the spiritual Superwoman

This is a powerful combination of the power of your breath and the power of your mind to tap into your true, authentic self, gain immense clarity about your dreams and manifest them while meeting the universe half way with bold, inspired action taking!  

breathwork facilitator training

Clients Include

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Did you know that breathwork can help you very quickly to tune into a higher vibration to feel more empowered, connected and magnetic?

Did you know that cultivating a high-vibe state combined with a big vision can help you manifest easier and faster?

Did you know that whatever you truly believe is exactly what you're going to experience?

And that Breathwork together with personalized affirmations, visualisations and actions can help you change not only your subconscious beliefs, but your whole paradigm?

Let's go on this incredibly fascinating journey together to allow your career dreams, relationship dreams or abundance dreams come true!

What People are Saying

“In just one session I was able to move through a lot that needed to be healed. Very powerful, very transformative.”

Natalie Roy, Actress playing "2020" in the commercial that went viral

Honestly, it was one of the most magical and moving journeys of my life.

C. Shephard, CEO of Insider Expeditions

"I was blown away by how rejuvenating the experience was. I felt more productive and focused for the remainder of the day than I had in a long while. ”

Google Manager


The Power Of Breathwork

Breathwork is a powerful technique for extraordinary transformation, healing and self-actualization. It is one of the most fundamental things we can do as women to heal, tap into our own power and actualize ourselves and in turn collectively transform into the best version of humanity to create a more harmonious and sustainable future.


Breathwork itself is an active guided meditation that allows you to clear, balance and energize your body and mind in a very powerful, transformational way. It combines a circular connected breath technique with a curated powerful music playlist to create an incredible experience that allows you to tap into your own healing and manifesting potential.


It is a simple, safe and extremely effective process for releasing beliefs, patterns, stuck emotions and (hidden) energetic blocks that no longer serve you, connecting you with your deeper truth, raising your vibration and empowering you to create your dream life with greater ease, joy and success.

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Listen to Clarissa's Breathwork Clarissa Hoffmann

"The future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies."

Albert Einstein

What People are Saying

"The 6-week Superpower Breathwork program has changed the way I envisioned myself. It truly brings out your most grounded and unique self. Breathwork worked for me in unconscious ways by making me closer to my best self and my goals. It's daring, profound and beautiful; and, I recommend it to everyone who's reading this!"

Cely Riva


What Other Benefits It Has



⭐️ Release of stuck energy and physical tension

⭐️ Natural energy boost

⭐️ Recalibration of nervous system

⭐️ Stronger immune system and better digestion

⭐️ Deep relaxation

⭐️ Aleviate insomnia and deeper sleep

⭐️ More overall energy and better health


⭐️ Huge stress and anxiety relief

⭐️ Greater clarity of mind and sharper focus

⭐️ Release of old patterns and behaviors

⭐️ Heightened creativity 

⭐️ Higher degree of productivity

⭐️ Greater emotional balance


⭐️ Increase of mental performance


⭐️ Vibrational alignment with your dreams

⭐️ Tapping into higher states of consciousness and self-awareness

⭐️ Feeling empowered and in the flow


⭐️ Enhanced intuition

⭐️ Greater enthusiasm for life


⭐️ Feeling inspired and blissful

⭐️ Deeper sense of purpose and fuller self-expression

What People are Saying


"Working with Clarissa was one of the most profound experiences of my life.

I am an infuriatingly serious person. I've had diagnosed major depression and anxiety since I was a kid, and PTSD for several years. I have trouble connecting with the culture of Manifestation, crystal energies, and the like.

It was unreal. I couldn't believe how ridiculously, unexplainably, deliriously happy I was. So much lighter. So much less worry hanging over me.


My brain was laughter, sunshine, and the words "thank you". I couldn't process anything else, and Clarissa sat and laughed with me.


I felt so free of judgment from her. All of my reactions were hysterical and none of them were embarrassing. After working with Clarissa, I wasn't capable of judging myself either."

Samantha Jo


About Clarissa

Clarissa Hoffmann is the daughter of two medical doctors, a University of Passau graduate, an award-winning actress, certified life coach, certified breathwork teacher and intuitive healer whose practice focuses on the power of the breath and powerful mindset tools as a pathway for transformation.

Clarissa is deeply attuned to her clients’ needs and creates personalized breathing journeys that combine active breathwork, intuitive guidance, curated music and powerful visualizations.